"Paul Gordon has the rare ability to synthesize the emotional and physical cause and effect of an injury. Not only do I refer my patients to Paul, he's the person I trust when my own back hurts."

Dayton Haigney, M.D.
Rehabilitative Medicine


"I am a professional dancer, so topics such as centering, balance, harmony, emotions, truthfulness, being in the moment, communication and, of course PASSION are all part of my exploration of dance and life. No book I ever read can compare to the insights I have gained through my work with Paul Gordon. It has allowed me to dance/speak from my heart like never before. Paul has an incredible ability to create change, physically and emotionally, so that qualities like balance and harmony take on a real presence inside oneself. He’s terrific and I recommend him all the time."

Armin Kappacher

  • Years of experience working with athletes and performers
  • Insights and improvements supplements coaches or teachers
  • Enhances free and open movement

As one who has always loved sports and dance (with more enthusiasm, perhaps, than skill), working with performers has been a great pleasure. Because I look for balance and ease of motion, I am often able to see limitations and effect change that is different than one might expect from a coach or teacher. Enhancing free and open movement, whether it is with a musician from the Boston Symphony, a sailor at the America’s Cup, or just one of us "normal folks" has always been an important part of my practice.

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