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"When my body needs work, I go to Paul Gordon. His vision, touch, understanding of somatic structure, and his ability to communicate with the soul by means of the body are a credit to the entire profession. A clear and dear man, I recommend him without qualification."

Tom Myers, Educator Author: "Anatomy Trains"

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1961-1965: Undergraduate education at UCLA; began in Theater Dept and transferred to UCLA Film School. Major emphasis was screenwriting. Wrote and eventually sold screenplay, “The Bike.” (Like much written in Hollywood, it was never produced.)

1964-1971: Worked in film industry as a screenwriter, literary agent, assistant producer and studio executive.

1971-1975: Left Hollywood with my young family, moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. With desire to work with my hands, I did rough and finish carpentry, plastering, home remodeling, cabinet and furniture making. I built over fifty fireplaces as well as designing and building our own home in Chimayo, NM.

1975-1976: Basic manual therapy and massage techniques, Santa Fe School of Massage

1975-1976: Anatomy and Physiology, University of New Mexico Thesis: “The Ramifications of a Short Leg on Human Structure”

1977: Basic Training at Rolf Institute, Boulder, CO

1978: Body Centered Psychotherapy with Ron Kurtz, Boston

1978: The Feldenkrais Method with Joseph Dellagrotte, Ph. D., Boston

1978: Continuing Training Rolf Technique, with Emmett Hutchins, Boulder

1979: Continuing Training Rolf Technique with Jan Sultan, Boulder

1979: Touch for Health, Boston, MA

1980: Craniosacral Therapy I with John Upledger, D.O. New York City

1980: Zero Balancing I with Jim McCormick, Lic. Ac., Boston

1980: The Physiology of Movement with Roger Thies, Ph.D., Boston

1981: Tutorial in The Alexander Technique with Tommy Thompson, Boston

1981: The Feldenkrais Method with Ruthi Alon, Boston

1981: Intermediate Zero Balancing with Fritz Smith, M.D., Boston

1982: Human Anatomy (Dissection course), Boston University

1982-1985: Staff Member at Sports Medicine Resources, a major orthopedic and sports medicine group (team doctors to the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins) in Brookline, MA

1983: Craniosacral Therapy II with John Upledger, D.O., New York City

1983-1985: Master's Degree Program (Independent Studies in Clinical Anatomy) at Lesley College, Cambridge. In addition to coursework in anatomy, physiology, connective tissue and bone physiology at Boston University, Northeastern University and Harvard Medical School; program included six month internships in Body Centered Psychotherapy with Rufus Peebles, Ph. D.; Orthopedic Medicine with Richard St. Onge, M.D.; and Osteopathic Manual Medicine with Spencer Schaeffer, D.O.

1984: Laban Movement Analysis, Lesley College, Cambridge

1986: Advanced Rolfing Training, Boulder, CO

1987: SomatoEmotional Release with John Upledger, D.O., New York City

1986-1992: Led over 40 manual therapy technique classes throughout United States, Europe and South America.

1988: Elected Fellow of American Back Society

1990-1992: Member training staff for America3, 1992 America’s Cup, San Diego

1992: “When the Foot Hits the Ground”, Gait Analysis for Physical Therapists, Boston

1995: Visceral Manipulation 1A with Upledger Institute, New York City

1995: Visceral Manipulation I with Didier Prat, D.O., Berkeley, CA

1996: Visceral Manipulation 1B with Upledger Institute, New York City

1996: Visceral Manipulation II with Didier Prat, D.O., Berkeley, CA

1996: Evaluation and Treatment of the Shoulder for Physical Therapists, Boston

1997: Visceral Manipulation III with Didier Prat, D.O., Berkeley, CA

1998: The Body Cavities with Peter Schwind, Ph.D., Santa Fe

1999: Human Dissection, Tufts New England Medical School, Gil Hedley, Ph. D., Boston

1999: Visceral Manipulation IV with Didier Prat,D.O., Boston

2000: Craniosacral Therapy II with Upledger Institute, Boston

2000: Visceral Manipulation V with Didier Prat, D.O, York, Maine

2001: Energetic Osteopathy I with Tom Shaver, D.O., Berkeley

2001: Energetic Osteopathy II with Tom Shaver, D.O., Berkeley

2003-2004: Six Courses in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Scott Zamarut, Eliot, Maine

2004: Visionary Cranial Technique II with Hugh Milne, D.O., Boston

Present: Private practice in Eliot, Maine.

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