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"When my body needs work, I go to Paul Gordon. His vision, touch, understanding of somatic structure, and his ability to communicate with the soul by means of the body are a credit to the entire profession. A clear and dear man, I recommend him without qualification."

Tom Myers, Educator Author: "Anatomy Trains"

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Therapy is a relationship between two people who are working together to understand and make progress on a problem. Even though it is sometimes done, I believe one should not offer a guarantee about the outcome of a therapeutic process.

I see a new client for between one and three sessions. By then we should both know whether our work together will make significant progress. If we think we will, we develop a strategy for moving forward. If we do not, I will refer you to another professional whom I think may be able to resolve your issue. My job is to help you and say goodbye; it is not to keep you coming in for treatment.

With years of training and experience, I understand and appreciate the traditional western model of dysfunction and pain as well as the alternative, holistic methods and theories. I make a practice of knowing who are the best neurosurgeons, massage therapists, chiropractors, yoga teachers, Reiki healers, in the area. People ask me, “Do you believe in…?” The fact is, I believe in everything; if it did not work, that practitioner would be out of business.

I think better questions might be:

What kind of intervention is called for now? The appropriateness of any particular intervention is often a matter of timing. At what point is exercise, medication, change in diet, psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, surgery, appropriate? To do exercises – or take anti-inflammatories – when a structure is not sitting correctly makes no sense; to do Rolfing when there is pelvic infection could be disastrous.

Who is the best person to help you? Just because a therapist or doctor has a good reputation, he/she may not be good for you. Knowing a great many practitioners allows me to make a wiser referral.

Many people come to see me for therapy; others come for a consultation. I have, I believe, a unique viewpoint and knowledge. Although I am not a physician and what I say should never be taken as, or in lieu of, medical opinion, I see my job as explaining as clearly as I can what I think is going on and what your best choices for success are. While I would never guarantee we will “fix” your problem, I can guarantee that I will treat you with honesty and respect.

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