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"I have gained insight and understanding from Paul. As much as anyone I have ever known, he puts all the pieces together in a complete synthesis, offering his clients and students a unique opportunity for learning, growth and healing."

Steven Comeau, DC Chiropractor

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Structural Bodywork on Skype?

Not only possible; remarkably effective and very useful

A Workshop/Seminar With Paul Gordon
May 19-21, 2017
Munich, Germany

Twelve years ago a client called me in Boston. A concert cellist living in New York, she was leaving that evening to begin a European tour. The night before she had fallen and badly sprained her ankle. It was so swollen she feared she couldn't get on the plane; she certainly couldn't walk. Was there anything I could do? Thus began a journey I hadn't planned on nor, truly, ever intended taking. Over the years the value of internet sessions as a tool for working with friends, family and clients who are unable to come to the office has only grown. With nearly 40 years in practice and clients all over the world, Skype sessions are roughly 30-40% of my work. Strange? No doubt. Doable? Absolutely. What some might find most difficult is allowing ourselves to do it. But listen, it's just a different dance. Come, we'll learn the steps.

We will discuss possible explanations for how bodywork on Skype could happen and explore the quality of contact necessary to work this way. We will practice exercises teaching us how to deepen and make more accurate our ability to sense what is happening in our clients. We'll understand the body's response to trauma and its possible roads to recovery. We will explore not only what pain looks and feels like but also what freedom and grace look and feel like. Working in the joints, the viscera, the nervous system and the psycho/spiritual body, we will sense in our own bodies what our client feels in his or hers.

Beginning by accessing our own internal rhythm, we will work with tissues and structures six inches, two feet, the length of the body away. As we move to sensing and working completely off the body, we will see that evaluating a cervical strain, a liver restriction, a soft tissue rigidity, an emotional holding pattern, or a spiritual quality of distress is all available to us no matter where we are - even over the internet. If we can sense it, we can work with it. We can be as precise, effective and heartfelt as if the person were sitting on our table.

I have called this a “workshop/seminar” because I would like it to be a place where we can share with each other the knowledge we have gained in our practices. It is my intention you come away from these three days feeling comfortable with a new and practical tool as well as an evolved ability to see and work. The class is open to structural practitioners with a minimum of four years experience in cranial or visceral mobilization. Those who have trained in biodynamic cranial therapy are especially welcome.


Paul Gordon, M.A., Advanced RolferTM, completed his basic training in 1977 and has been a member of the RolfTM Institute Faculty since the mid 1980s. He has a graduate degree in clinical anatomy, spent a year as a special student at Harvard Medical School, worked for three years in a large orthopedic and sports medicine clinic and for 17 months was the Rolfer for the winning sailboat team at the 1992 America's Cup. He has been sitting meditation for over 45 years.

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