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"Paul Gordon was one of my first - and best - teachers. I still consult with him because of his insight, knowledge and experience. As one who has been on his table, I can attest to the powerful effectiveness of his approach to Rolfing."

Laura J. Curry Advanced Rolfer and Rolfing Movement Practitioner

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Traditional Rolfing is a deep, soft tissue manipulation technique that creates freedom and ease as a person’s body is aligned in gravity. The intention, according to its creator Ida Rolf, Ph.D., is to allow for "a more human use of human beings." I love its effects and have given more than 20,000 sessions.

The principles taught by Dr. Rolf and the Rolf Institute continue to inform my work, even though I often don’t use traditional Rolfing soft tissue techniques nor follow the ten-session model. (I will use traditional techniques when non-forceful approaches are not appropriate.) What continues to make what I do "Rolfing" and not something else is that no matter what approach I use, I see nothing as isolated. The neck or hip pain that brings a person to me exists as part of a whole. The release that occurs is always in relationship to the whole. Within the Rolfing framework of overall structural balance, support and adaptability, it is integration of the whole that I look for. As the whole becomes more integrated, the individual release travels through the system and can hold.

Like most Rolf Institute Faculty, my work has evolved over the years as I searched for more effective, less invasive ways to help create lasting change in structure and functioning.

  • Gentle, non-forceful approach
  • Highly effective, less invasive
  • Integrates the whole structure

I find The Biodynamic Perspective allows me to touch a person more deeply and gently and enables us to accomplish the goals I achieved doing traditional Rolfing without needing significant pressure or creating discomfort. For those who wish to see a traditional practitioner, there are excellent ones in the area and I will be happy to make recommendations.

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