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"Paul Gordon has the rare ability to synthesize the emotional and physical cause and effect of an injury. Not only do I refer my patients to Paul, he's the person I trust when my own back hurts."

Dayton Haigney, M.D. Rehabilitative Medicine

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(For a fuller description of Biodynamics and the way I practice it, please read my article, The Biodynamic Perspective, in the Articles section.)

When we are injured – or expect to be injured – we give up mobility for stability. We limp, we pull our heads into our shoulders, we engage in evasive, protective behavior. Thankfully, in addition to protection, living organisms can also heal, they can self-correct. The biodynamic perspective engages this inherent, natural capability.

  • Helps regain lost freedom and mobility
  • Reduces pain
  • Deep, long lasting relaxation
  • Gentle and effective

By accurately sensing the body's compensations and then precisely following the compensatory pattern into a much deeper place of dynamic balance, the biodynamic practitioner allows for a relaxation of both the part that is injured and the body as a whole. Immediately following the internal self-correction, a new, freer, less painful pattern of movement can begin. Non-invasive, respectful of our body's needs, the biodynamic perspective is a remarkable approach to health.

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