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"Paul Gordon has the rare ability to synthesize the emotional and physical cause and effect of an injury. Not only do I refer my patients to Paul, he's the person I trust when my own back hurts."

Dayton Haigney, M.D. Rehabilitative Medicine

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"I came to Paul because someone told me he was really good working with people’s sore necks. He sure is. I sent my husband who has a bad back. Two out of two! But what really impressed us was how Paul worked with our three month old daughter. She had been suffering from constipation and what the doctor’s called “colic.” They said that “just give her a few months and she’ll outgrow it.” (We hadn’t slept for weeks and weren’t sure we could live that long.) Paul took one look at her, said that she had a “restriction around her sigmoid colon” and in ten minutes you could just see her relax. He barely touched her. That was the first decent night we’d had. We all slept! If your infant has things like colic or constipation, call Paul! He’s great.”

Heather Hurtt
Former President, Seacoast Mother’s Assn.

  • Gentle, remarkably effective
  • Non-invasive
  • Often quickly relieves many non-medical conditions

Newborns and infants often experience colic, gastric reflux, constipation and other forms of seemingly never-ending discomfort. After seeing their doctor and ruling out any potential medical issues, many parents have found the gentle, biodynamic mobilization approach to be remarkably effective in reducing discomfort and allowing their child (and themselves) to find peace and rest. Usually one to three treatments will relieve most non-medical conditions.

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