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"Paul Gordon has the rare ability to synthesize the emotional and physical cause and effect of an injury. Not only do I refer my patients to Paul, he's the person I trust when my own back hurts."

Dayton Haigney, M.D. Rehabilitative Medicine

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I have become skilled in working with such problems as headaches, back, neck, foot, leg and arm pain; I have had considerable success in helping with difficulties in the chest, abdomen and pelvis; I understand and work with the body’s emotional patterns as they predispose us to and complicate our physical issues. A significant part of my work concerns healthy individuals (including professional and non-professional athletes, musicians, dancers and other performing artists) try to optimize their movement as they maximize their health and performance capabilities. My clients range in age from newborns to those at the end of life.

  • Skillfully relieves headache and jaw dysfunction
  • Highly effective with back, neck, arm, leg and foot pain
  • Helps with difficulties in chest, abdomen and pelvis
  • Understands and works with the body’s emotional patterns
  • Optimizes movement; maximizes health

After over forty years as a practitioner and teacher, I have found that it is possible to work with not just disease and dysfunction but also with the part of us that is able to correct that exact disease and dysfunction. We can, with clinical discernment, reach and effect the part of us that heals our wounds. It is possible to work with health itself.

Whether the issue is a gimpy knee, a bad back or a broken heart, the goals of treatment remain the same: helping a person to move more easily and with less pain; helping them stand upright, in every sense of the word; ultimately, to help someone, as much as we are able, gain freedom and grace.

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