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"Paul Gordon has the rare ability to synthesize the emotional and physical cause and effect of an injury. Not only do I refer my patients to Paul, he's the person I trust when my own back hurts."

Dayton Haigney, M.D. Rehabilitative Medicine

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"As an orthopedic surgeon, I naturally consulted my medical colleagues when I was injured six years ago. I was also evaluated and treated by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and, eventually, a chiropractor. Each diagnosed me differently; no one succeeded in relieving my pain. Finally, at the suggestion of my father and two brothers, who all swore to Paul Gordon's skills, I made an appointment. After fifteen minutes, with careful observation and gentle touch, Paul was able to clearly explain his understanding of my problem; in three sessions my pain was gone and has remained dormant for over a year despite an active lifestyle. Paul bridges the gap between 'western medicine' and 'alternative therapies' by keeping a foot solidly planted in both worlds. I highly recommend him to anyone with musculoskeletal problems."

Christina L Cervieri, MD
Orthopedic Surgery

Many clients come to see me because they are in physical discomfort. When I began practice in 1977, I followed the advice of my teachers and kept a non-symptom oriented approach to my work. After awhile I found that clients, though appreciating the global perspective, often needed specific attention to particular problems. It was then I began my studies in orthopedic manual therapy and eventually joined a major orthopedic and sports medicine group.

  • Years of study in manual therapies
  • Extensive experience working with physical pain
  • Works to create overall integration, balance and support

Over the years I have noticed some of my clients will have to come in at some earlier time with a particular issue such as back pain or post-operative hip restriction and imagine that what we did for that hip or back then is what my work is about. I will get a call from a client who had had a reconstructed hip and they say, for instance, "Do you ever do necks" (or legs or migraines or shoulders), assuming my practice is only about hips. It's funny that way.

My practice is about helping a person to stand upright, to move freely without pain, with a sense of solidity, strength and even grace. Whatever the issue - backs, necks, shoulders, feet, headaches, whatever - we always give up freedom of movement for projected safety. My job is to help you regain your freedom.

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